In 1999, I came to t

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In 1999, I came to t

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In 1999, I came to the young city from Shenzhen to Shenzhen. In fact, there are fewer students studying in the countryside, and I dropped out of school in the second year. Even if they finish high school or university, they will go to different cities to develop. There are even fewer in the same city, so I grew up in Shenzhen during the 16 years, and my friends were converted from customers. Therefore, my friends are not many Cigarettes Online, but I think that I am also more attentive, although many elders or friends have repeatedly mentioned me: "Heavy feelings will become a stumbling block to my success," but I reflect on "if People have no feelings in the world, and they will lose a lot of fun, even if they are successful, they will be alone. Or maybe my heart is more kind and difficult to become a big event. But one thing has been bothering me in recent days, but no one can discuss it, because I don��t want to know who my friend knows that my friend was born in Henan in the 1970s. We met in 2002 and we are knowledgeable. He has a certain understanding of various literary knowledge, sincerity, loyalty, handsomeness, and high alias (1.83). He was also a customer of mine. In 2001, he led a company with an investment of 60,000 yuan to a medium-sized enterprise with assets of up to 30 million yuan in 2006 (opening 126 stores nationwide, 25 managers, and monthly net profit of 500,000 yuan). Why is he said that he is leading? Because the original investment boss (also my other friend) was unable to carry out the work after three months of operation, the three stores opened three months and the sales were extremely unsatisfactory. Later, my friend came to help him with the rest. With certain adjustments and training, he sold his first two months in a week. He is mainly good at training and marketing. His boss immediately wants to leave him and at the same time give him a 25% stake as a condition. And in 2006, after my friend��s withdrawal, the company went downhill until today. The company no longer exists. Of course, the boss��s assets are not small. At that time, the boss invested in a lot of properties. The property price in 2006 is today. Compared to casually 6 times or even 10 times, so his assets should be over 100 million! But my friend has been very difficult. Most of his difficulties are caused by helping friends. The story is like this. My friend got married in 2006. After the marriage, her wife didn��t want him to run all day. It��s too much to gather (the patrol shop is difficult for a city to stay for a long time). Her wife should also be afraid that my friend will be infected with other people outside Newport Cigarettes Coupons. So I have to make troubles to change my career. In fact, there are some different ideas in the company's management. The big boss wants to transform real estate in the Mainland. My friend is not willing to give up all his efforts. He only asks the major shareholder to leave 4 million yuan as the start-up capital Parliament Cigarettes, and the original 126 stores will be optimized to retain some of the better-profit stores and increase the scope of business. Going for listing within five years. Other funds were transferred to the mainland to engage in real estate Marlboro Red, and he himself held the old company in Shenzhen. But the major shareholder did not agree (maybe afraid that I will give this friend to me when I am bigger). At that time, two friends had been talking to me for a long time, but at the time I was young, I had no knowledge, and it was difficult to influence their thoughts. My friend retired in this way. He thought that he had to withdraw his shares. So he was too embarrassed to ask too much. He didn��t want to give the big boss a feeling that he was embarrassing him. He only asked for his symbolic share capital of 50,000. yuan. It is equal to the net body withdrawal, because the big boss knows that he has a certain status in the same industry Online Cigarettes. My friend promised not to engage in the same industry within 3 years. The years were the prime time of the industry. Later, several of his managers came out alone. I still work on the basics of over 10 million.) He left the old company like this. His dividend from 2001 to 2006 may be about 2 million. I went to Zhuhai. During this time, he has helped a lot of friends.
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